Friday, 4 May 2012

Event: Planetarium 'Robotics' Show

A fantastic “Robotics” themed night at the INTECH Planetarium, with a great turn out from the YPA. With the night starting with two shows “Flight Through the Universe” and “We are Astronomers” that gave amazing views and a full on experience of the universe and how small we really are. It was all too much for one guy who fell asleep, snoring loudly; luckily it wasn’t one of our members. As well as learning about space we got to see some pretty cool robots and in some cases the fools let us have a go. From animatronics, to remote control and fully automatic there was a robot for all.

Thank you -  Ashley, Ben, Chloe, Francis, Henery, Julian, Natalie, Nick, Omar, Raida and Steve for attending the event!