Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Notice: Social Media

Yes the PYPA as joined the Social Media revolution with both a Facebook page and a Twitter Account, pick your choice or if your rocket keen follow both!

Of course we will always have our website. What we need from you is photo's, do you have pictures from recent events, if so sent them in and see the best put up online.

If you have ideas for events or want to see something more from your PYPA please let us know.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Event: Go Karting

It may have taken a while to finally organise but I can say it was worth the wait! We had a good turnout of 11 racers who were ready to compete for podium position. The racers first completed their practise qualifying laps and then it was on to the race.bIt was a tense and exhilarating race with Ben and David fighting for first place! However from a devious undertaking maneuver from Ben sent both himself and David into the barrier on the second to last lap! And from out of nowhere Chris raced into the lead to won the race!

So congratulations for our podium winners:

  1. Chris 
  2. Ben 
  3. David

And everyone else who took part!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

EGM: Constitution Changes

After recent discussions with HR it was suggested that we align our YPA year with that of the rest of the company and finance.

This would give the following benefits;

  • New graduates would have more chance to get involved with the YPA before having to apply for positions
  • Just one joint fund and PYPA fund payment for each year, rather that half of two payments.
  • Christmas party will be organized by an experience committee.
The drawbacks;

  • The current committee will run up to January
  • Two Christmas party will be paid for out of one fund payment
The motion was passed with a majority vote of the association and this will mean the next AGM will occur in December for a new committee to take over in January 2014.

Thanks for everyone who to the time to attend.