Friday, 22 June 2012

Event: 007 Murder Mystery Dinner

MI17's elite espionage experts plan an uneasy truce with the Russians, but someone is plotting to spoil the party at the Groundlings Theatre. Despicable villains, sexy Bond Girls and plenty of laughs in an evening of entertainment in which the YPA decide whodunnit. Two teams of the YPA had to look for clues, work out puzzles and not get fooled by the red herrings to work out who killed  James Bond, the Russian ambassador and more importantly why?

Both's teams were not far off, but indeed it was Odd-Bod a lonely ex-villain turned servant who just wanted to be loved. 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Joint Event: Paintballing

This years paintball joint event between Portsmouth, Stevenage and SSTL was held at Holmbush Paintball down in Crawley. It was an early start on the Saturday morning but we had a good turn out of about 35 people. The main teams were Portsmouth verses Stevenage with SSTL splitting up to balance out the 2 teams.

The Stevenage team got off to a great start allowing them to secure victory in the first game. Sadly this trend dominated thought out the rest of the day granting Stevenage the overall winners with a scored of 74 to Portsmouth's -6. There were a lot of good shots though out the day and some lovely souvenirs bruises to go along with them. Over it was a great day out where everybody managed to make it home alive. Bring on next years paintballing! Portsmouth will have its revenge!